We create a plan of action and appeals that help our clients reinstate their business easily. Our appeal services are applicable for the following cases:

Intellectual Property Infringement

Copyright and trademark infringement can be devastating for sellers as they can negatively impact your business. Amazon’s vast marketplace requires all its sellers to comply with state, federal and local laws. It takes strict action against sellers who violate the IP rights of other owners and brands. So if you are facing intellectual property infringement, we are here to help you get out of this trouble.

Amazon Suspension For Copyright

If you received suspension due to copyright infringement, your first step should be to remove the copyrighted content and then request reinstatement. We have been helping sellers from suspension for over a decade now. So if you are a seller in Canada who got suspended due to copyright infringement, then worry, do not call us for help.

Amazon Reinstatement Services

Amazon sellers may get numerous perks when selling on this huge platform, but there are a few other drawbacks. One of the major ones is suspension. We want our clients to be stress-free and make profits in their business. With our renowned reinstatement services, we will help our seller reinstate their account without much hassle.

Amazon Late Shipment Appeal

Amazon sellers can receive suspension due to poor shipments that may have caused discomfort to their customers. And Amazon is a customer-focused company; hence sellers have to be extra cautious about their shipment processes. The best solution to this problem is to create an Amazon late shipment appeal. Our team will get to the root of this issue and solve your problems with a winning late shipment appeal. So contact us for more details.

Inauthentic claim

The inauthentic claim suspension is given to the buyer who has bought items from sources other than authorised manufacturers. Get in touch with us. We’ll help you reinstate your seller account.

Used sold as New

Inspite of selling new products, have you received used sold as new suspension? This has happened to numerous sellers. So don’t worry if you are unaware of how to answer those questions sent by Amazon. We’ll support you in reinstatement of your account.

Trademark Infringement

This type of suspension is given when one seller uses another sellers name without their authorisation and produces false goods. In such cases, you must contact the person who sent the notice. Finding it hard to deal with such suspension cases? Worry not, we can help. Reach out to us for more information.

Order Defect Rate

The order defect rate (ODR) is an important indicator of your ability to provide excellent customer service. During a 60-day period, the ODR represents the percentage of orders having one or more signs of poor customer service. If your order defect rate exceeds 1%, your selling powers may be restricted, with seller-fulfilled offers being suspended. We’ll help you reinstate your seller account

Low Tracking Rate

The term “Amazon inventory risk” refers to the events and circumstances that affect the income and performance of your FBA business. Stockouts, excess stock, faulty forecasts, theft, product damage, and product value loss are just a few examples. Your cash flow may suffer if these occurrences put you in danger of losing sales. We’ll assist you in reactivating your seller account.

Restricted Product Removal

Your selling account has broken an Amazon policy for selling or listing a product, according to an Amazon notification of restricted products removal. Amazon has regulations in place to ensure that customers can trust the marketplace and buy with confidence. We can help you reactivate your seller account.

The Not Matching product detail page

When customers search for products on Amazon, they see Product Detail Pages. Each product has its own page with product details (precise product name, model number, offer price, product photograph, ASIN, and more) as well as customer reviews. Your seller account can be reactivated with our assistance.

Invoices not meeting date requirements:

When your invoices’ legitimacy is called into doubt, Amazon will usually request that you submit them for examination. You may incur the following penalties if you do not comply with this request or if your invoices do not match certain requirements: Selling powers are revoked. Funds are withheld. We’ll assist you in reactivating your seller account.

Misusing ASIN variations

According to Amazon’s ASIN Creation Policy, creating a new ASIN based on an existing product listing or misusing variations might result in your account being suspended or your selling privileges being revoked. We’ll help you reinstate your seller account

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