We generously offer a 100% or 70% refund guarantee based on the status of your Seller Account and Suspension.
My Seller seller account has been suspended for any reason. Can you recommend a Free Evaluation?

Definitely! To reactivate the account, the first step is to review your account. We investigate your account and performance in the finest detail so that we can offer you the most appropriate advice.

Will my Seller account be permanently reinstated?
As your solution partner, we strive to give you the best service and write defenses for your Seller account, but unfortunately, due to the nature of the business and industry, we are unable to interfere with the decision made by Seller.
What if my account is not reinstated?
If you follow our instructions and do not make any changes to the appeal documents, we offer you a money-back guarantee depending on the file content and your account status. The seller appeals process can continue up to 15 rejections. We value our time as well as yours, so if we think the account cannot be reinstated, we will stop working on the file and give you a full refund. When the file will be finalized depends on our decision in line with the operation of the process.
What if Seller wants more information?
We will continue to run the defense process for your account until your account is reinstated. This will include all ongoing responses Amazon has requested regarding your account suspension and activation. We do a thorough check of every response from the Seller and fix it for you to reactivate your account shortly.
The most profitable part for you is that we only charge you once and take care of the whole process!
How long does it take to restore my account?
While service depends on individual files, we understand how valuable your time is and will do our best to deliver your defense within 24-72 hours of review. Amazon takes 1-7 days to respond and response times are unfortunately out of our control. In our experience accounts are reinstated in one hour, one day, several days, and up to 90 days.
Do you offer a refund if my account is reinstated but then closed again?
Our contract ends when your account is reinstated. However, Seller may suspend the account again for other violations. In this case, the service we provide to you is limited to one suspension file only.
What issues might void the money-back guarantee?
  • Changing the content of the defense text
  • Not complying with the points specified in the content of the defense text. (for example, deleting or making changes to certain listings) Sharing incomplete information about your Seller account
  • Invoices, suppliers, authorization etc. missing or incorrect information about
  • Sharing our defense in online forums, web chats, or other public spaces without our written consent
  • Contrary to our recommendations to contact the seller or re-defend
  • If we reinstate your account and your account is suspended again for similar reasons, we cannot guarantee that your account will be reactivated.
  • Disconnecting from us before the account re-activation process is complete.
Estimate how long it will take for Amazon to respond to the defense?

Sellers usually respond to our pleas within 1 - 7 business days. However, in our experience we have also found that responses take up to 1 - 3 weeks.

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